April Counselor Newsletter
Mrs. Givens
April Counseling Lessons
5th Grade- Solving Problems

6th Grade- 7th Grade Course Selection

7th Grade-8th Grade Course Selection

8th Grade- Healthy Body Healthy You-th: Effects of E-Cigarettes on The Body

How Parents Can Help prepare for the ATLAS Test: When a test is being given, you can help by making sure your child:

gets plenty of sleep the night before the test

has breakfast on the morning of the test

goes to school on the day of a test

does not have any out-of-school appointments on the day of a test

knows you think he/she will do well on the tests

knows you understand the test is important

Important Dates
April 1-5 Assistant Principal Appreciation Week

April 3 National Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

April 4 School Librarian Appreciation Day

April 12 Spring Picture Day

April 30-May 2 ATLAS Testing