Parents, Guardians, & School Employees:

The purpose of this message is to direct you to information regarding our limited bus service plan and our weather procedures letter.

The transportation supervisor – Mr. Rob Roebke and I are hearing from parents & bus drivers who live on some of our back roads, and they are telling us that there is a lot of ice on them. For that reason, we will check bus routes in the early morning to determine if we’ll have school or not. One other option we’ll consider is to run our limited bus service routes, which you can find on our District’s homepage by clicking on the link provided or going to our Facebook page to access the link. With our limited bus service, our buses will not get off the paved roads, so pick-up locations may very well change and times will vary some as well. If we can go to school as normal, you won’t hear from me in the morning. If we must cancel or move to a limited bus service, I will notify you around 5:45.

Thank you,
John Karnes, Superintendent