Counselor Lessons

In April, I’ll be addressing a variety of topics with students.

  • Kindergarten will be learning about empathy and compassion.The skill of understanding how others feel is crucial to child development.
  • 1st Grade will learn about the skill of self-control.
  • 2nd grade’s topic will be learning the importance of including others.
  • 3rd grade will think about important ingredients to friendship.They have to put in the right ingredients to have good friendships!
  • 4th grade will begin a two part lesson on the importance of respect.

Extend your child’s learning at home by discussing these important topics!

Friendship Issues

Spring time at school can sometimes bring conflicts among friends and classmates.Read this article from Big Life Journal.It’s a great resource that provides talking points for parents as your help your child navigate issues. This link provides information for you to learn ways you can coach your child to deal with various types of friends.

Additionally, part of solving conflicts is taking responsibility for our own part of the problem.Rather than blame others, children need to learnthe idea of accountability.This link provides a guide that will help you teach your child this important skill.

Navigating relationships can be tough, but can lead to healthy, lifelong friendships for your child.


On April 16th and 17th, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students will be taking their final MAP tests of the year.3rd and 4th graders will take the ATLAS math, science, and reading tests April 23rd-25th.Encourage your child to do their best!You can help them by making sure they get 10 hours of sleep and a good breakfast to help power their brains!

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