April Counselor Newsletter

Counselor Lessons

In April, I’ll be addressing a variety of topics with students.

  • Kindergarten will be learning about empathy and compassion.The skill of understanding how others feel is crucial to child development.
  • 1st Grade will learn about the skill of self-control.
  • 2nd grade’s topic will be learning the importance of including others.
  • 3rd grade will think about important ingredients to friendship.They have to put in the right ingredients to have good friendships!
  • 4th grade will begin a two part lesson on the importance of respect.

Extend your child’s learning at home by discussing these important topics!

Friendship Issues

Spring time at school can sometimes bring conflicts among friends and classmates.Read this article from Big Life Journal.It’s a great resource that provides talking points for parents as your help your child navigate issues. This link provides information for you to learn ways you can coach your child to deal with various types of friends.

Additionally, part of solving conflicts is taking responsibility for our own part of the problem.Rather than blame others, children need to learnthe idea of accountability.This link provides a guide that will help you teach your child this important skill.

Navigating relationships can be tough, but can lead to healthy, lifelong friendships for your child.


On April 16th and 17th, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students will be taking their final MAP tests of the year.3rd and 4th graders will take the ATLAS math, science, and reading tests April 23rd-25th.Encourage your child to do their best!You can help them by making sure they get 10 hours of sleep and a good breakfast to help power their brains!

Contact Me!

Dena McKnight,

School Counselor

  • Feel free to contact me Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-3:00 pm.
  • Email: dmcknight@wftigers.org
  • Phone:479.839.2231, extension 2028
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MS Counselor Newsletter-April 2024

April Counselor Newsletter
Mrs. Givens
April Counseling Lessons
5th Grade- Solving Problems

6th Grade- 7th Grade Course Selection

7th Grade-8th Grade Course Selection

8th Grade- Healthy Body Healthy You-th: Effects of E-Cigarettes on The Body

How Parents Can Help prepare for the ATLAS Test: When a test is being given, you can help by making sure your child:

gets plenty of sleep the night before the test

has breakfast on the morning of the test

goes to school on the day of a test

does not have any out-of-school appointments on the day of a test

knows you think he/she will do well on the tests

knows you understand the test is important

Important Dates
April 1-5 Assistant Principal Appreciation Week

April 3 National Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

April 4 School Librarian Appreciation Day

April 12 Spring Picture Day

April 30-May 2 ATLAS Testing


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ES Counselor Newsletter – May 2023

Counseling Lessons

This month, I will be seeing classes for the last time. We are focusing on careers. You may be thinking that elementary kids are too young to be talking about careers, but it’s never too early! As I talk about careers with students, I introduce them to a variety of career options through books and games. Many students also enjoy talking about their parent’s careers. I encourage them to begin thinking about their own interests and abilities and how these can be tied to a future career. I emphasize the importance of finding a career that they enjoy. There are so many options in our world today. By the way, if you are interested in looking into a new career path, this website might be helpful.

Water Safety

As summer quickly approaches, it’s important to make sure that your child is safe as they have fun in a variety of ways. Playing safely in water is a favorite activity and this article has helpful information for parents. There are also several places your child can take swim lessons this summer. Here are a few places to look into:

Summer Fun and Learning

Summertime is a special time to slow down and take a break from school, but it’s almost important to keep your child learning. Here are a few suggestions to keep your child engaged and retain what they learned this year!

  • Have your child read every day. They can read independently, or you can read with them. Make some trips to the West Fork Library!
  • Play board games or math games.
  • Limit screen time. This article has some helpful information.
  • Encourage them to get out and play!
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ES Counselor Newsletter – April 2023

Counseling Lessons

This month, I will be teaching students about various social skills. Different grades will learn about topics such as:

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Self-control, and
  • How to resolve conflicts with peers.

Students will also learn about careers! I know that is a long way off, but it’s good to begin conversations early in order for students to think about their own gifts and abilities and how their interests could become life-long pursuits. Talk with your children at home and foster an interest in a variety of careers. This article gives some great ideas to use in your everyday conversations with your children. Your children are amazing and have such great potential. It’s never too early to begin guiding them in thinking about their hopes and dreams!

School Tragedy

Recently, yet another school shooting happened in our nation. While our school district takes many steps to keep our students safe, children may become aware of recent events and come to you with their thoughts or feelings. Please take a moment to read this document to guide your conversations at home.


Help Prevent Meltdowns

Kids experience big emotions, but sometimes have difficulty expressing them. They may have a need that they don’t know how to express. Big Life Journal created this cute poster that you can keep available. It is a visual way for children to communicate what they need before a meltdown occurs. Give it a try and see if it helps!

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MS Counselor Newsletter- May 2023

ACT Aspire

Middle School students will be taking the ACT Aspire May 2-4. We will be testing Tuesday (Reading and English), Wednesday (Math and Writing), and Thursday (Science) mornings.

How can you help your child do their best?

Make sure your child:

  • gets plenty of sleep the night before the test
  • eats breakfast each morning
  • arrives to school on time each morning
  • knows you believe he/she will do their best on the tests

We are excited for students to show all the things they have learned this year!

Eighth Grade Graduation

May 19 at 9 AM in the Tiger Dome

Important Dates

May 1 Principal’s Day

May 2-4 ACT Aspire Testing

May 5 School Lunch Hero Day

May 9-10 MAP Testing

May 10 Nurse’s day

May 8-12 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 12 Field Day

May 18 Fourth Grade Night

May 19 Eighth Grade Graduation

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MS Counselor Newsletter- October 2022

Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days

October 24-28

Monday: Put a lasso around drugs! – Western Day

Tuesday: Drugs can’t find me! – Camo Day

Wednesday: My future’s too bright to use drugs! – Wear Neon

Thursday – We’re Wild about being Drug Free! – Wear Crazy hair and/or Clothes

Friday – For a healthy me, I’ll be Drug Free! – Wear Red in honor of Red Ribbon Week


Prizes will be given out daily for best dress up for each grade.


Red Ribbon Week Activities

Monday: Re-Enactment 7th and 8th grade students

Thursday: Red Ribbon Week Rally – All grades in the Dome


Classroom Counseling Lessons

5th and 6th Grade Growth Mindset Drug Prevention

7th and 8th Grade Drug Prevention


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