Signing in to Naviance

  • Visit the Clever Portal to log in
  • Hit Log in with Google and use your school email to log into Clever
  • Once logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Naviance button

College Application Process

1. Apply to college

  • Apply either via the Common Application or directly to the college through their website

Through the Common App:

  • Go to
  • Create an account (make sure you don’t use your school email because you will no longer be able to access that
    account after graduation)
  • Create your profile
  • Add colleges to your list
  • Gather the requirements for each application
  • Make note of your application deadlines
  • Submit your applications

Through the College’s Website:

  • Go to the college website
  • On the college website, find the Admissions tab and look for the undergraduate application
  • Apply Online (make sure you don’t use your school email because you will no longer be able to access that
    account after graduation)
  • The website will either take you to the application or to the common application website
  • Follow the instructions and make sure all parts of the application are filled out correctly
  • Make note of your application deadlines
  • Submit your application

Common Application Users ONLY

  • If you are applying to a common App school, you MUST complete your entire Common Application on the
    Common App website and sign the FERPA agreement at the very end of the Common App.
  • If you don’t do this, counselors cannot send your transcripts to the school
  • After creating a Common App account, go to Naviance and match your Common App account to your Naviance
  • If you don’t do this, counselors cannot send your transcripts to the school
  • Go to your Colleges I’m Applying To page in Naviance and follow the Common Application Account
    Matching directions in the box at the top of the page
  • Enter your email address you used for the common application and your date of birth in the boxes labeled
    Common App Email Address and Date of Birth
  • Submit and match your accounts

2. Request a Transcript

  • Click on the Colleges Tab at the top right hand of your Naviance home screen
  • Click on Colleges I’m applying to
  • Click the plus-sign in the top right hand corner to add the school you are applying to
  • Search for the college that you are applying to
  • Select your application date and if you want to apply via the common app or directly to the institution
    (WARNING: If you select “I’m not sure yet”, your counselor cannot send a transcript)
  • If you have already submitted your application check the box and if not, leave it empty
  • You do not have to submit your application before you requests transcripts
  • Once all of this is complete, hit
  • Check the box beside Initial for what type of transcript you are requesting.
  • We will NOT be sending any ACT or SAT scores. You will need to request these from the ACT or SAT
  • Hit the Request And Finish button to confirm
  • Please request transcripts 1-2 weeks prior to your application deadline so your counselor has time to complete
    your request

3. Request Teacher Recommendations (only if the application requires a teacher recommendation)

  • Select the Colleges tab
  • Click on the Colleges Home button
  • Scroll down to the Apply To Colleges box and click on Letter Of Recommendation
  • Click on Add Request
  • Pick the teacher you would like to have you write a recommendation from the drop down menu (you should have
    already asked your teacher in person before requesting the recommendation from them on Naviance)
  • Fill out and send the teacher your senior brag sheet
  • Select which colleges this request is for (you must add colleges to your Colleges I’m applying to list to be able to
    request a recommendation)
  • In the personal note to your teacher (Box #3), be sure to write them a note with the following:
    • Thank them for writing a letter of recommendation
    • Let them know about any accomplishments, awards, extracurricular activities, etc. you would like them to
      discuss in the letter if you did not supply them with the senior brag sheet
    • Give them contact information to reach you if they have any further questions to help them in writing the
  • Hit Submit Request
  • If you want to request letters from non WFHS staff you will have to request them through the Common App or
    the schools website

4. Adding Colleges to which you have been accepted

  • Do this step for all colleges you are accepted to, even if you do not plan to attend this school
  • Go to the Colleges tab
  • Click on Colleges I’m Applying To
  • Next to the college(s) name(s) on the right side, you will see a pencil icon that says Edit
  • Click on the Edit icon
  • Go to the Results box and choose Accepted
  • After changing it to Accepted, hit the Save College Application button at the bottom of the screen

5. Final Transcripts (When you make your FINAL decision)

  • Select the Colleges tab
  • Click on Colleges I Am Applying To
  • Scroll down to College I Am Attending
  • The college must be on your Colleges I’m Applying To list to appear in the drop down menu box
  • Select the college from the drop down menu.
  • Click on Update